The Eradicator® wing pulley combines the best features of a traditional wing pulley
with several unique performance enhancing characteristics to create the optimum self-cleaning solution.
Product Description

The Eradicator® wing pulley’s patented design retains the belt cleaning benefits of a traditional wing while providing continuous belt contact and improved cleanout efficiency. The Eradicator’s unique design provides a cleanout rate up to 40 times faster than traditional wing design. These additional benefits provide longer component life and decreased noise. Traditional wing pulleys feature straight wings which contact the belt intermittently, entrapping and recirculating material rather than displacing it, which can lead to belt damage and pulley failure.

The Eradicator® Wing Pulley (shown with Cleanout Ports)


Hybrid Wings Enhance Cleanout Effect
Cleanout Ports Maximize Material Removal*
Patented Design Enhances Belt Tracking
Formed Wings Provide Self Reinforced Design
Continuous Contact Reduces Noise

*Availability of ports dependent on pulley size.
Patent# 8,857,606

Enhanced Cleanout

Increased Life

The hybrid design of The Eradicator® maximizes both the life of the pulley and the conveyor belt. PCI’s self reinforced design discourages wing fold over and prevents incidental damage to the pulley. The Eradicator® also maximizes belt life by reducing deformation commonly associated with high center point designs.

Decreased Noise

The Eradicator® decreases noise by continuously contacting the belt while its straight center maximizes cleanout. Only The Eradicator® achieves the optimum balance of noise reduction and cleanout efficiency.

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