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PCI Track Rollers (V-Grooved with Tapered Roller Bearings, Flanged with Ball Bearings)

Large & Small
We've Got Them All!

PCI Track Rollers and Cam Followers are now available
in Pre-Engineered configurations up to 20” in diameter.
Available in multiple body profiles and bearing options.

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XR Roller

PCI XR Rollers offer a new approach to solving troublesome Cam Follower
applications by offering the benefits of a PCI Track Roller in the sizing
of a Cam Follower, for an easy, maintenance-free upgrade.

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CVTR - Crowned
V-Groove Rollers

PCI CVTR with R3 TM Technology provides dual direction location
on V-shaped tracks which shed debris to reduce rolling surface buildup.
The patent pending crown profile provides 2.34 times reduced rolling
resistance vs. traditional V-Groove designs to reduce track wear.

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Top Drive

PCI Top Drive Rollers are a drop-in
replacement for special units found
on oilfield equipment.

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The design of our DCB Roller is optimized to net maximum life.

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Machined To

Extreme Duty

PCI Extreme Duty Solutions provide the ultimate in
corrosion resistance, non-sparking quiet performance and
a solution for defeating extreme heat.

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