CVTR - Crowned
V-Groove Rollers

PCI CVTR with R3 TM Technology provides dual direction location
on V-shaped tracks which shed debris to reduce rolling surface buildup.
The patent pending crown profile provides 2.34 times reduced rolling
resistance vs. traditional V-Groove designs to reduce track wear.

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The Eradicator is proven to cleanout recirculated material 40 times faster than a traditional wing pulley.


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PCI Track Rollers (V-Grooved with Tapered Roller Bearings, Flanged with Ball Bearings)

PCI is an industry leading Track Roller, Cam Follower, Conveyor Pulley and Conveying Components manufacturer founded in 1986 as a small job shop. We develop unique patented solutions, present extensive stock selections, offer the fastest standard and custom build deliveries while continuing to provide expedite services. Our knowledge, and experience, enables PCI to be your trusted advisor when it comes to providing the right product for your needs.
Whether it’s dimensional adjustments, or analysis and application guidance to resolve problematic demands,
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