PCI Load Bearing Roller Assembly Engineering

CVTR - Crowned
V-Groove Rollers

PCI CVTR with R3 TM Technology provides dual direction location
on V-shaped tracks which shed debris to reduce rolling surface buildup.
The patent pending crown profile provides 2.34 times reduced rolling
resistance vs. traditional V-Groove designs to reduce track wear.

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PCI Load Bearing Roller Assembly Engineering

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PCI Track Rollers (V-Grooved with Tapered Roller Bearings, Flanged with Ball Bearings)

Pre-Engineered Standard Product Offering

The concept of “Solutions Through Innovation” begins at the initial design stage, through careful and deliberate scrutiny of our standard pre-engineered products. We analyze each design so that it conforms to industry standards while always considering the design for its ability to function for its intended purpose. Additionally, our continuous improvement process encourages product innovation ensuring that all PCI products are providing maximum value and performance.

Product Selection

To assist customers in product selection, our staff ensures costs associated with routine maintenance, replacement cycles and performance in critical applications where decreased contamination and reduced downtime is at the forefront of our offerings. Customers are able to use our online parametric search to help filter their most viable options, or may contact us directly for one on one assistance. You can count on PCI as your trusted advisor to help you properly select rollers for your unique application.

Application Assistance

To assist customers with their specific application, our staff engages in the specific details, evaluates and provides analysis of failure modes, wear patterns and evaluates costs associated with routine maintenance, replacement cycles and performance. Our industry knowledge, coupled with our desire to help craft the most viable options, drive PCI to provide solutions through innovation.

Custom Rollers and Special Designs

Our standard products are pre-engineered in 3D solid models allowing us to quickly and economically re-engineer these components to meet specific customer needs using a variety of internal bearing configurations. Whether your need is for simple dimensional modifications, special surface finishes / alloys or application specific solutions, PCI will work with you to provide an innovative solution to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.  There are no minimum quantity requirements and PCI delivers weeks ahead of the competition!

Product Development Tools

3D Modelling

While PCI utilizes state of the art Computer Aided Design Tools (CAD) programs for our internal use, we also offer that same convenient platform to our customer base. Users may simply download models in nearly 70 different formats to reduce costs associated with new or redesigns or contact PCI directly for drawings and data to be provided.

Load Calculations & Capacity Analysis

PCI Engineers recognize that other manufacture’s one size fits all mentality does not make the cut when it comes to customer’s specific and unique applications. PCI utilizes decades of real world experience, to provide in house test facilities, load calculation assistance, and track capacity determination for applications, regardless of body and track profile. Customer satisfaction motivates us to continue to design and innovate with excellence.

Continuous Product Evolution

PCI Load Bearing Roller Assemblies featuring Infinity Roller™ Technology are engineered utilizing components from the industry’s foremost authorities on bearing life and performance who reinvest in research, development and continuous quality testing. We offer unparalleled performance in the most demanding environments by targeting and addressing the vulnerable areas of the assembly. Whether it’s our patent pending CVTR with R3 TM design or Infinity Roller™ Technology, our rollers display extended life when compared to any other products on the market. One of the many ways PCI continues to provide Solutions Through Innovation!