Product Description
316 Stainless Steel

PCI 316 Stainless Steel Track Rollers and XR Rollers provide the Ultimate in Corrosion Resistance. All external components are manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel materials and fluorocarbon seals protect internal bearings in washdown environments.


PCI Non-Metallic Track Rollers & XR Rollers provide Quiet, Non-Sparking Performance. Roller bodies are manufactured from a thermoplastic material in a solid end-cap design. This design eliminates exposure of the internals from the roller end of the assembly.

High Temperature

Defeat Extreme Heat with PCI High Temperature Track Rollers & XR Rollers. Internal elements are protected by fluorocarbon seals and high temperature synthetic lubricant to allow for performance in environments up to 350°F. Regreasable options are IN STOCK.

Why use PCI 316 Stainless Steel Load Bearing Roller Assemblies?

PCI® chooses to utilize 316 Stainless Steel materials for the exposed surfaces of our Stainless Steel Rollers. Most stainless cam follower products utilize 400 series Stainless Steel for these same surfaces. 316 Stainless has nearly 40% greater resistance to pitting corrosion than 400 series grades. If corrosion resistance is your goal, PCI 316 Stainless Steel Track Rollers & XR Rollers are your engineered stainless steel solution.

How quiet are PCI Non-Metallic Load Bearing Roller Assemblies?

PCI’s Non-Metallic roller body design absorbs vibration and reduces the likelihood of metal on metal sparking to provide reliable Non-Sparking, Quiet Performance. PCI® Non-Metallic Rollers are more than 10 dBa quieter than their metallic counterparts – that’s a 50% reduction in sound over traditional carbon steel Track Roller and Cam Follower products.

Extend High Temperature Performance with Relube Provisions

PCI High Temperature Rollers are available IN STOCK with regreasing provisions to maximize life in your demanding application. PCI High Temperature Track Rollers & XR Rollers are supplied with wrench flats for easy installation and a readily accessible grease fitting located in the end of the stud for ease of maintenance. Add a “-R” suffix to the part number to Replenish & ReUse…Relube.

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