PCI Pulley Engineering

PCI Pulley Engineering

PCI Pulley Engineering

PCI Pulley Engineering

Pre-Engineered Standard Product Offering

The concept of “Solutions Through Innovation” begins at the initial design stage, through careful and deliberate scrutiny of our standard pre-engineered products. We analyze each design so that it conforms to industry standards while always considering the design for its ability to function for its intended purpose. Additionally, our continuous improvement process encourages product innovation ensuring that all PCI products are providing maximum value and performance.

Application Assistance

To assist customers in product selection, PCI developed safeguards to warn a customer at the point of quote that a pulley product may have an inadequate capacity as initially requested. By incorporating tube stress, shaft stress and shaft deflection calculations into our quoting program, PCI is able to alert our customers of potential issues with a quote request, and address them with the customer ahead of time, eliminating failure modes before they occur. When it comes to application assistance, you can count on PCI as your trusted advisor to help you properly select and sized pulleys for your unique application.

Custom Pulleys and Accessories

Our standard products are pre-engineered in 3D solid models allowing us to quickly and economically re-engineer these products to meet specific customer needs. Whether your need is for customized take-up frame dimensions, special crown configurations, special surface finishes, unique shaft details, specialized alloys, custom hub connections, or application-specific wing pulleys, PCI will work with you to provide an innovative solution to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

Product Development Tools

3D Modelling

PCI Eradicator® Wing Pulley.

One of PCI’s primary goals when designing the Eradicator® was to make it easily adaptable to any diameter/length/hub combination, so that customized products could be delivered with the same price and lead time as common sizes. To accomplish this, PCI utilized 3D modelling software to design the Eradicator® with patented features that allow a product of any diameter & length combination to be engineered and assembled without the use of specialized tooling.

Finite Element Analysis

PCI Contoured Integral End Disks.

When PCI Engineers were tasked with eliminating the most common mode of failure in Drum style pulleys (the hub to end disk weld), they were able to utilize finite element analysis to verify the vast reduction in stress concentration at the hub/disk connection achieved by switching to integral hubs. Subsequent finite element analysis also determined that the stress concentration could be reduced even further by introducing a radial contour into the single piece disk/hub combination. PCI has had no reported failures of integral hubs, since their introduction in 2010.

PCI Eradicator® Wing Pulley.

Traditional wing pulleys utilize gussets, mostly in Heavy Duty and Mine Duty variations, in order to strengthen the overall assembly and prevent wing fold over. The design path of the Eradicator® in the development phase was that of a cored wing pulley with angled wings that were essentially self-gusseting. One major objective was to ensure that the self-gusseted design was as strong or stronger than a traditional gusseted wing pulley. PCI Engineers were able to utilize finite element analysis to verify that the self-gusseted design of the Eradicator® wing pulley not only distributed stress more evenly than traditional gusseted wings under equivalent loads, but also had fewer areas of high stress concentration, with lower overall stress concentrations than traditional wings. This analysis provided PCI Engineers verification that the Eradicator® is a more robust design than traditional wing pulleys.

3D Virtual Motion Studies

PCI Eradicator® Wing Pulley.

PCI Engineers utilized 3D virtual motion to test and verify the original Eradicator’s performance in the virtual world, and to compare its performance to traditional wing pulleys, prior to manufacturing any prototype designs. Once the design was optimized in the 3D model, actual prototypes were fabricated and tested against the results obtained using 3D virtual motion. We were very pleased to find that the virtual results closely mirrored the testing done in the real world, giving our Engineering team the confidence to utilize this tool for future products and to trust the results obtained through it.

Application Solutions and Product Evolution

The design principles that have made the Eradicator® wing pulley successful, combined with feedback from the market, have prompted PCI Engineers to continually develop and introduce more new and innovative products, which are designed to solve unique problems in the conveyor components market. Our product evolution is a direct result of the problems that the marketplace brings to us, and the solutions that we develop to solve those problems.

The Deflector™ Wing Pulley

Problem: Some applications are not able to benefit from the enhanced cleanout ability of the Eradicator® wing pulley. Reversing applications and environments where material sticks and builds up on the belt may still be better suited for traditional wing pulleys with their belt beating design and ability to operate in either direction.

Solution: The Deflector™ Wing Pulley.

PCI Engineers developed the Deflector™ wing pulley for Reversing applications and environments where material sticks and builds up on the belt. The Deflector™ wing pulley boasts belt beating features of a traditional wing pulley with the addition of ports and deflectors built into the wing members. Using the principles of clean-out ports, and deflectors built into the wing members, the Deflector™ wing pulley discharges material five times faster than a traditional wing pulley without sacrificing any of the other qualities already associated with traditional wings.

The Eradicator® D2® (Directional Discharge) Wing Pulley
Eradicator® D2® -RIM
Eradicator® D2® -TIPS

Problem: Customers require a wing pulley with the enhanced cleanout abilities of the Eradicator®, while also being reversible and discharging material to only one side.

Solution: The Eradicator® D2® Wing Pulley. The world’s first and only directional discharge wing pulley.

After the Eradicator® took a foothold in the market, PCI responded to customer’s confined spaces and access points that require an area to one side of a bulk-handling conveyor be free of debris. PCI designed an Eradicator® with the wings all angled the same way to discharge material in only one direction. The major obstacle to making an Eradicator® discharge in one direction was that the angled wings contribute heavily to the pulley’s ability to track the belt. Therefore, if the wings were all angled in one direction, the belt would also track only to one direction. To solve this problem, PCI Engineers developed two new versions of the Eradicator® where the angled wings never actually come into contact with the belt, making the angle of the wings irrelevant to belt tracking, and therefore allowing them all to be angled in a single direction. The Eradicator® D2 Tipped is designed to discharge all sizes of materials, and the Eradicator® D2 Rim is designed to discharge smaller (3” minus) materials. Both models are also fully reversible, although reversing the direction of rotation will also reverse the direction to which material is discharged.

*Eradicator® wing pulley, U.S. Patent #8,857,606
**Eradicator® D2 and Deflector™ wing pulleys covered under U.S. Patent #8,857,606 and additional patents pending.