A thick roller body profile and full complement needle bearings give PCI Cam Followers unparalleled radial performance.
Product Description

Cam Follower assemblies are manufactured with a full complement of needle roller bearings and are engineered to offer proven toughness under heavy radial loads. Choose from stud type or yoke type in plain or crowned roller body profiles. PCI Cam Followers feature a case hardened roller body with a thick outer section to provide endurance under shock loads.

Feature & Benefit Sell Sheet



Screwdriver Slot Stud Type


Stud Type Cam Followers provide efficient cantilever mounting. The screwdriver slot in the integral stud provides adequate installation torque for most applications.

Hex Socket Stud Type


Stud Type Cam Followers provide efficient cantilever mounting. The hex socket in the integral stud provides additional installation torque for use with self-locking nuts and blind hole mounting, plus allows for easier installation than the alternate screwdriver slot.

Yoke Type Cam Followers


Yoke Type rollers provide higher load carrying capability by utilizing a double shear mounting arrangment thereby eliminating stud capacity limitations. Can be used with PCI Heavy Duty Yoke Shafts for efficient design & installation practices.


Plain Cam Followers


Plain/Cylindrical Cam Followers effectively carry radial loads. For heavy side loads, Plain Cam Followers can be positioned vertically to act as side guides.

SCF-Concentric Stud

SCFE-Eccentric Stud

HCF-Heavy Stud

YCF-Yoke Type

Crowned Cam Followers


Crowned Cam Followers have a spherical body profile and are used to reduce the effects of misalignment by better distributing load over the body and internal bearing elements. Crowned rollers are also used in rotary applications to minimize scrubbing or skidding.

SCCF-Concentric Stud

SCCFE-Eccentric Stud

HCCF-Heavy Stud

YCCF-Yoke Type

Heavy Duty Yoke Shafts


PCI precision carbon steel yoke shafts are carefully designed and machined to tight tolerances to ensure optimum fit and dependable performance with Yoke Type Load Bearing Roller Assemblies.

YSH-Concentric Style

YSHE-Eccentric Style